KTMMA Showcase

KTMMA Showcase

K-T MMA Performs Powerfully at the Porchester Hall

16th November 2013

It was fitting that a venue so steeped in history as the Porchester Hall should play host to a historic new concept in the combat sports arena, as Tim Izli’s brainchild KTMMA launched spectacularly to a rapturous reception. Combining the stand-up arts and MMA in two clearly defined 5 minute rounds, KTMMA provided six explosive International bouts with only two going the distance. With its slick production values, professional organisation, pulsating fights and 10pm finish, KTMMA announced itself as a front-runner for the crown of combat sport of the 21st Century.

Topping the bill were two England versus Japan matches of the highest quality. In the first veteran Muay Thai specialist Tim TNT Thomas took on the enigmatic Takashi Nakagawa a flamboyant character with a reputation as a knockout specialist. Thomas, however, was in imperious form, finding his range, timing and accuracy right from the opening bell. The English fighter dominated the upright round with fluid combinations, flawless footwork and devastating right hooks and knee strikes that saw his opponent drop to the canvas twice. Nakagawa was nothing if not courageous and he decided to stand and trade with Thomas in the MMA round but by this time it was a case of the Matador taming the Bull as Thomas continued where he left off, producing a master class against a man with a very dangerous reputation to take a unanimous decision.

Newcastle’s Peter Irving had an equally dangerous opponent in Inoue Yusaka an MMA fighter who carried 6 KO’s on his record. Irving, equally at home across both disciplines took the fight to his opponent and proved dominant at close range with short knees to the mid-section and a chopping right hand or cutting elbow as a devastating follow-up. He had to remain constantly focussed, however, as Inoue proved dangerous with his flying knee counters. As the round progressed Irving turned up the heat and opened a cut over the left eye of his opponent. Inoue shocked everyone by not trying to take Irving to ground in the MMA round, a decision he was punished for as Irving continued his dominance of the upright game. A perfect Judo hip toss in the last ten seconds hinted at what Inoue was capable of and hpw different the fight could have been but it was too little too late and the win was a convincing one for the English fighter.

On the undercard rising K-1 star Regis “The First” Sugden shone on his KTMMA debut stopping Lithuanian Linas Meistavicious in spectacular style to earn himself the accolade fighter of the night. At just18, Regis has a mature head on young shoulders and dominated the opening round without taking too many risks or displaying the exciting spinning techniques he is known for but that all changed in the opening seconds of the MMA round. As both men circled each other Regis landed a jumping spinning heel hook kick that landed flush on the head of his opponent. As Meistavicious hit the canvas Regis was upon him immediately and a devastating series of knees to the head (legal in KTMMA) saw the fight stopped immediately. It was the perfect start for Sugden who could see himself the poster boy for this explosive new fight sport if he continues in this vein. As it is, it is a debut that no one who was there will forget.

Storm Gym’s “Big Polski” Lukasz Krupadziorow was a man in a hurry, scoring the quickest stoppage of the night. For a man with such a monstrous physique he is remarkably mobile and light on his feet but his power was simply too much for Lithuanian Tomas Vaikus Fast heavy shots saw Vaikus hit the canvas twice early in the round and when “Big Polski’s” fluid combinations dropped his opponent for a third time the referee had seen enough and wisely stopped the contest. With such speed and mobility at the weight, Krupadziorow is one to watch out for.

The other two bouts on the undercard also saw stoppages, both in the second round, one by ground and pound, the other by slick submission. In the opening bout of the evening Konrad Klusek dominated Lithuanian Arunas Kilmavich, forcing four standing counts with his aggressive, all-action style and fluid combinations. Kilmavich did well to see the round out but a vicious right hook from Klusek early in the MMA round saw Kilmavich drop to the canvas and Klusek pounce immediately, launching a vicious ground and pound assault that saw the referee forced to intervene and stop the fight in the home fighter’s favour.

Coventry’s Brett Healy also dominated his opening round against his Ukranian opponent Alexander Bilbobrovka with fluid combinations. With such ascendancy his only danger was complacency and Bilbrobrovka did have success with desperate right hooks thrown wildly but Healy’s chin was not to be found wanting. The Coventry man made perfect use of the rule change in the MMA round, dropping his weight in the clinch to pull his opponent into guard and immediately executing the guillotine. It was a slick submission and perfectly illustrated the effectiveness and unpredictable nature of the KTMMA format.

As a debut show KTMMA ticked all the boxes for fighters, coaches and spectators alike and proved the perfect showcase for this dynamic new concept. The most exciting element for this writer, however, is the future, as this show is simply the tip of the iceberg as more top fighters and clubs will want to get involved as the positive feedback from everyone involved starts to reverberate through the industry. Congratulations to Tim and the KTMMA team for launching the concept so emphatically and setting the benchmark high. From this showing KTMMA is here to stay and can only get even better-roll on 1st March 2014!


Bout 1

2x 3 min Weight Category 73 kg

Konrad Klusek Beat Arunas Klimavich

Krakow, Poland Kaunas, Lithuania

Result: TKO (G&P) At 0:48 of Round 2

Bout 2

2x 5 min Weight Category 67 kg

Brett Healy Beat Alexander Bilbobrovka

Covenry, England Kiev, Ukraine

Result: Guillotine Choke at 0:37 of Round 2

Bout 3

2x 5 min Weight Category 67 kg

Regis Sugden Beat Linas Meistavicius

Newark, England Kaunas, Lithuania

Result: TKO (Flying Head Kick & G&P) at 1:54 of Round 2

Bout 4

2x 5 min Weight Category 120 kg

Lukasz Krupadziorow Beat Thomas Vaikus

Augustow, Poland Kaunas, Lithuania

Result: TKO (Referee Stoppage) 1:26 of Round 1

Bout 5

2x 5 min Weight Category 68 kg

Tim Thomas Beat Takashi Nakagawa

Bedford, England Tokyo, Japan

Result: Unanimous Decision 3-0

Bout 6

2x 5 min Weight Category 77 kg

Peter Irving Beat Yusaku Inoue

Newcastle, England Tokyo, Japan

Result: Unanimous Decision 3-0

KT-MMA Fighter of the Night:

Regis Sugden