Kerrith Bhella

2 March 2015

I can’t wait for my KTMMA debut to show the World what Kerrith Bhella is all about!

Firewalker Gym’s Kerrith Bhella is an exciting addition to the KTMMA 3 fight card as he takes on Hu Yafei from China, an explosive Sanda exponent with a very aggressive style, under WLF rules. As he has shown on numerous occasions however, our own UK K-1 champion thrives on a challenge and is more than equipped to deal with the pressure of fighting International opposition on the big occasion, having recently scored a significant victory in Japan.

“I've fought international opponents a number of times now, so I’m use to the build-up and atmosphere. Japan was an amazing experience and I learned that as long as your head’s in the right place and you put the training and hard work in it doesn’t matter who or where you fight, you will perform.”

Yafei has a reputation for being a front foot fighter and very durable as he showed in his recent victory over the Dutchman Marcel Verhaar late last year but Kerrith points out that the qualities attributed to his Chinese opponent are qualities that he also possesses. “I’m also tough and durable, so that is of no concern to me. I’m approaching the fight as a martial artist putting in the karma for an epic performance. I believe my power, speed and movement will be too much for my opponent to deal with.” He also points out that although this is a big international bout it does not change his thinking as he treats every fight with equal importance, pointing out that “whether it’s international or domestic, the buzz is always the same, nothing compares to the buzz of a fight!”

Kerrith is enthusiastic about the KTMMA concept, as he sees it as a great way of bringing stand-up fighting fans and MMA fans together whilst also giving fighters from all different martial arts a chance to showcase their skills. That said, he is in no hurry to transition to full KTMMA rules the way fellow stand-up star Josh Palmer has, pointing out that “I've not done any form of ground work so it would be completely new form to me but I never say never.” He is totally focussed on the show, however and is more than happy with the way his fight camp is progressing. “Training is going really well, I feel fit, strong and ready. I’m looking forward to starting the year off with a boom. KTMMA 3 looks like it’s going to be an amazing show and I can’t wait for my debut, to show the world what Kerrith Bhella is all about. I guarantee a memorable performance!”

Kerrith is in action on Saturday 14th of March as part of KTMMA 3, live from the ILEC Conference Centre in Earls Court London.

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