Josh Palmer

24 February 2015

Josh Palmer: “We will try and finish the fight in the first round as before!”

Veteran Muay Thai specialist Josh Palmer is establishing himself as one of the star attractions with KTMMA as he faces his third International opponent at KTMMA 3, having successfully beaten a Dutchman and a Brazilian in his previous outings. Now as he prepares to take on a Chinese opponent Josh admits that he is flourishing under the KTMMA rules- “I think the KTMMA concept can be more entertaining than straight up MMA, especially if the crowd are not as knowledgeable in grappling. Myself and my trainers are working hard and looking forward to this next challenge.”

Against Dutchman Marvin Sansaar Palmer really emphasised his traditional Thai strengths and as a result was not really tested under the KTMMA rule set-“We knew that Marvin Sansaar was experienced in K1 /Dutch kickboxing, but not as much with elbows and clinch with full Thai rules, so we were going to use those weapons from the start. Also, we didn’t think he had much or any ground game or wrestling, so I was pretty confident if the fight went to the 2nd round, we would win. In the end it was an easy victory for us.”

His next WKMMA match-up was a totally different set-up, with Brazilian Joao Nogueira much more of a ground specialist and an obvious danger come the MMA round. Josh states, however, that he was well aware of this- “The 2nd fight with Joao was a much stronger test. He is very experienced in MMA so I knew I would have to be careful of submissions if it went to round 2. I worked with Gyp Tessier for the 1st round to push the pace and finish the fight. I dropped him twice if I remember, it did go to round 2 but Joao was so beaten up and tired he did not have the energy to do any damage. I had worked a lot being on the bottom position with Jude Samuel and Ash Grimshaw, so we were confident if the fight went to the ground, I could stay out of trouble.”

Now, at KTMMA 3, Josh faces a very dangerous opponent indeed in the form of ‘The Dongbei Tiger’ Guan Wang, who has 9 KO’S from his 14 wins and 3 submissions, suggesting a well-rounded fighter and a potential danger in both the rounds. Palmer likes to finish the KTMMA fights in the 1st round but with Wang’s first round knockout ratio also impressive and only the single loss on his record, this could not only prove a real test but also a truly exciting bout for the fans.

As to the future, Josh has fully embraced the KTMMA system and is ready for whatever challenge the organisation puts his way-“I have been training in MMA and Jiu -itsu since I left Thailand. Honestly, I am enjoying the style, even more so than Muay-Thai but I’m really just looking for a challenge and I’ll steer myself wherever I find that.”

Josh will be fighting Guan Wang at KTMMA 3 Saturday 14th of March at the ILEC Conference Centre in Earls Court London.

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