Bofando fills KTMMA 4 breach as eye-injury sees Vinni exit Welterweight Tournament

Porchester Hall 17th October 2015

KTMMA recently announced a top-quality line-up for KTMMA 4’s Four-man Welterweight tournament on October 17th as it featured Reece Rowell, Raymond Jarman (Holland), Wang Anyin (China) and the 6’2 Cage Warriors veteran Dan Vinni. With Vinni vastly experienced, having fought the likes of Xavier Foupa-Pokam, Mikhail Kolobegov and Magnus Cedenblad, this proved to be a World Class line-up but sadly Dan has had to pull-out due to an eye-injury.

KTMMA have wasted no time in providing a replacement and what a replacement it is, the explosive and athletic Galore Bofando, a dynamic stylist who brings knockout power and incredible speed and agility to the tournament.

Bofando, who made his name as a Kickboxer is an explosive and crowd-pleasing replacement and is rapidly carving a career within the MMA arena. A world class Kickboxer, three of Bofando’s four MMA wins have come by way of knockout, his only losses coming by way of DQ due to over-eagerness in following a dropped opponent as he learned his MMA trade. But exuberance and unpredictability are what makes Bofando such an entertainer as he has an outrageous range of kicks in his arsenal, knockout power in his punches and can finish a fight from the craziest of angles.

Bofando’s pedigree speaks for itself and his arrival adds extra spice to the competition as he holds a win over two-time World champion Reece Rowell, a fellow competitor in the tournament. Rowell is on fire at the moment and this hot streak includes a devastating knockout victory over Jon Durrant at KTMMA 3 that fans are still talking about. The prospect of Rowell having the opportunity to gain revenge on Bofando if the two should meet in the tournament is worth the price of admission to KTMMA 4 on its own!

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