Reece Rowell

17 March 2015

Reece Rowell: “The knockout was perfect!”

Whilst KTMMA 3 featured and incredible England versus China line-up it also played host to a highly anticipated domestic battle as Reece Rowell defended his ISKA World title against veteran professional Jon Durrant. The Cobra Gym fighter has achieved a great deal across his career and was looking to add the World title to his impressive collection of belts but the young champion from Aveley is rapidly earning a big reputation as an explosive talent, so the KTMMA stage was set for an epic encounter between two of England’s finest.

This was no grudge match either, as both men displayed a huge amount of mutual respect in the pre-fight build-up but that said, it did not prevent the fight having a spectacular knockout finish, a showreel right hand from the defending champion in round two that saw the challenger’s dreams shattered in devastating fashion. For Rowell, it was the perfect end to a hard training camp and proved a memorable experience for a variety of reasons. “The atmosphere of the show was incredible. We both sold lots of tickets and had big support there. It was one of the best shows I have ever been to. I was very focused on the day and was confident that all my hard training was going to pay off.”

That confidence proved well –founded although, as previously mentioned, both champion and challenger held each other in high regard but despite that Reece felt he had the tools to get the job done-“I knew it was going to be a very hard fight but I also knew that I had the power to finish the fight with a clean punch or kick.” Reece noted that in the first round Jon was moving around to his right a lot, away from Reece’s back leg, so in the second his seasoned and knowledgeable corner, headed by Steve Kerridge, told him to cut Jon off and force him the other way on to Reece’s back leg and right hand. The result was the spectacular finish that everyone is talking about. “It worked perfectly. The knockout was perfect. As soon as it landed I knew he was not going to get up.”

It was a dream defence for the World Champion against a creditable opponent and a man Reece still has a lot of respect for. “As I have said before, Jon is a fighter I have massive respect for and is a credit to the sport.” With his belt spectacularly defended Reece can’t wait to return to the KTMMA ring as he has thoroughly enjoyed his matches with the promotion and believes that the brand’s shows are getting bigger and better each and every time. Before that however, he steps up a weight class to 77k on May 16th as he fights the European champion at that weight for the chance of a second World title and “hopefully put out another big statement and see where that leads me.” Given his current knockout form that second belt is more than a distinct possibility.

All at KTMMA wish Reece the best of luck on the 16th and hope that he brings back that second ISKA World title.

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