12 March 2015

Jefferson George: “Whatever he’s got I’ll have a defence for it.”

One of the most intriguing match-ups when China takes on England at KTMMA 3 is the KTMMA rules bout between the experienced submission specialist Wu Haotian and our own Jefferson George from BST Northampton, known as a well-rounded powerhouse, nicknamed the ‘shadow demon blaximus’. On paper the first round favours George, the second Haotian but anyone who has seen Jefferson perform will know that neither round holds fear for him and that Haotian might have to be just as wary of George’s BJJ skills as the English fighter will have to be of his speciality rear-naked choke.

When interviewed there is a quiet, assured, business-like confidence about Jefferson that inspires equal confidence in him. When asked about the KTMMA concept Jefferson states that he loves the fact that KTMMA is a showcase for a fighters skills, the two rounds forcing the combatants to highlight different aspects of their arsenal and to this end he feels more than comfortable in either round, pointing out that you are just breaking down your skill set for the public. As a result he is more than happy to stand and trade, in fact he is looking forward to the opportunity in the opening round and putting on a show for the public. That said, when it comes to the ground game, Jefferson is equally proficient with his BJJ skills, making him a formidable adversary.

Jefferson’s opponent is a , experienced submission specialist with 13 big wins coming by way of rear naked choke, a seeming speciality but when presented with these facts Jefferson is unworried and in his quiet matter-of –fact manner states that he has no intention of changing his game plan to accommodate these statistics-“I‘ve done my striking, I’ve done my BJJ, I’m just going out there to perform and get the win.” When pushed on the subject, Jefferson expands pointing out that a person’s speciality is only as effective as the fighter in front of him allows it to be-“his record doesn’t worry me. Whatever (submission) he brings I will have a defence for it, it’s all about the person in front of him.”

That said, Jefferson is also conscious of the fact that the first round is stand-up only and when it is pointed out to him that the round might favour him he does acknowledge with a gentle laugh that if the opportunity arises he will take it-“Obviously I want to put on a good show (for the fans) but if there’s a chance to knock him out, I’ll take it.” Most fighters admit that they want to put on a performance for the audience, especially in a big International bout where it’s perceived as ‘us’ versus China but Jefferson also has the pragmatic nature of the professional fighter-“I think about that but it’s just me in the ring and I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do.”

With that same professionalism, Jefferson is not one for making brash predictions and it is with genuine modesty that he quietly, yet confidently states to close the interview-“I’m going to turn up, perform and shock everyone.”

This really could be a case of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object and it takes place at KTMMA 3, Saturday 14th of March at the ILEC Conference Centre in Earls Court London.

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