Liam Wells

11 March 2015

Liam Wells: “I love the feeling I am representing my country as well as my supporters and I promise to do them proud.”

He may only be 20 years of age but Falcon Kickboxing’s Liam Wells is mature beyond his years, explosive in style yet technical and assured, he is already making waves amongst his peers, translating Junior into Adult titles with seemingly consummate ease and having seasoned veterans talk of him as ‘the complete package’. Well now Liam faces his toughest test to date at KTMMA 3 when he faces the Chinese star Wang Pengfei over 3 x 3 minute rounds of WLF Kickboxing.

Despite his seemingly tender years Liam’s team at Falcon ensure that he is already totally professional in his attitude and preparation and he feels more than ready for this big International bout. “I have been focussing more on Muay-Thai style technique and working with regular K1 rules fighters again, and also have been pushed to the maximum by my team mates and trainers.”

Liam has already experienced International competition and is no stranger to the intense atmosphere International competition brings with it and he has learnt from the experience stating that “I have learnt to embrace the atmosphere rather than let it affect me in a negative way. Although I know I will be nervous these are the nights that get me really motivated to put on a good performance.” With this in mind, Liam jumped at the opportunity to make his KTMMA debut against International opposition. “After speaking to my trainers Matt and Paul, I was never going to turn down the opportunity to fight a Chinese opponent and especially on a show like KTMMA. I love the feeling I am representing my country as well as my supporters and I promise to do them proud.”

Given the fact that his opponent is from China, very little is known about Pengfei compared to other fighters that Liam has fought but it is nothing that the team dwells on and Liam’s answer once again emphasises his maturity. “We have talked about a couple of game plans so we are never set to only fight one way and sometimes you plan for someone you have seen footage on and they fight differently - I know that has been the case when people have fought me as well.” The bout will be under a rules system that Liam will have little trouble adapting to but given his youth, full KTMMA rules are something he could easily adapt to in the future, if he wished to, something that is not lost on the Falcon fighter. “Never say never. I love my kickboxing right now and I am always learning, and I have a lot of goals I want to achieve, but I would never rule anything out.”

So, he may not be thinking of transitioning to KTMMA rules himself yet but Liam is sold on the KTMMA concept stating that “it makes sure the experienced ground fighter must have a good stand up game to last the first part of the fight, so this really is a test of all of a fighters skills. Although regular MMA mixes stand up and ground, this makes the fighters test their stand-up for a prolonged amount of time. So I am looking forward to being a spectator after my fight.”

As to his own bout on the card Liam is not one for making public predictions but he is willing to share his thoughts on what we can expect from his KTMMA debut-“I am definitely looking to leave a big impression. I am grateful to be given a stage like this and I want to make the most of it and want people to remember my fight after Saturday night.”

Liam is making his KTMMA debut on Saturday 14th of March as part of KTMMA 3, live from the ILEC Conference Centre in Earls Court London.

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