Ruqsana Begum

4 March 2015

Ruqsana Begum: “I train hard, fight harder and leave the rest up to god!”

Ruqsana Begum is a multi-talented role-model for modern women. Coming from a traditional Muslim Bangledeshi background, she took up Thai/Kickboxing aged 18 whilst studying for her BA in Architectural Technology. She studied in secret as she was afraid to tell her family, who might not approve of such a demanding and male dominated sport coming from a traditional Muslim Bangladeshi background. Ruqsana broke down stereo types and cultural boundaries in order to train and flourished within her chosen sport, fighting out of the prestigious KO gym under Bill Judd and gaining a bronze medal in the Amateur World championships, Gold in the European and becoming the British atom weight Muay Thai champion.

Now Ruqsana faces the ultimate challenge, an ISKA World title fight at KTMMA 3 against Ludivine Lasnier from Paris, France, the French Full Contact A class Champ and European ISKA FC Champion over 3x3 minute rounds under ISKA K-1 rules. Ruqsana’s training is going well, she feels strong at 50.5k and is not worried by the prospect of facing her French opponent. “I'm not worried, I'm use to fighting other national champions at the IFMA World championships. To me it doesn't matter who the opponent is, rather how I perform in the ring. A challenge is always good brings the best out of me.”

As a continuation of that positive mind-set, Ruqsana is not the sort of fighter that needs to analyse her opponents or find out every detail about them and she has a very pragmatic viewpoint as to why she thinks this way. “I actually don't concern myself. A fight is a fight that's how I see it. I don't research them (opponents) to be honest.” She is excited, however about the prospect of fighting on a KTMMA showcase, “It's a new initiative concept that I'm proud to be part of” and taking on International opposition on such a big stage. “I have everything to gain. I love fighting on the world stage as it gives me a chance to test myself.”

Ruqsana is the type of fighter that likes to drill and train a game-plan but is not slavishly bound by it, stating that she follows her instincts once in the ring and feels that at this stage in her career the World title represents unfinished business-“I feel proud that I have come this far but don't want to retire pre-maturely. I have worked hard and want to reach my true potential.” To this end she is grateful for all that have supported her, especially her sponsors-“for joining me in my journey and making the difference in my life. Welcome to my new sponsors and DCD Grou who have supported from my early days. I'm humble to have this opportunity and hopefully I will win the world title for my country.”

Ruqsana fights for the World title at KTMMA 3 which takes place at the ILEC Conference Centre in Earls Court London on Saturday 14th of March.

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