Rules and Regulations

With MMA and Thai Boxing firmly established in global brands the time is right for the next step in the evolution of combat sports, an evolution that represents the dynamic diversity of martial combat in the 21st century.

What is KTMMA?

KTMMA takes the very best elements of all that has worked within the combat fight arena and fuses it into a hybrid that tests the fighter to the limit of physical and mental prowess. The fusing of MMA with Thai boxing ensures that the KTMMA fighter has to be fully rounded, mentally aware and superbly conditioned in an event that is both explosive and tactical, an event consisting of two distinct five-minute rounds of adrenalin-fuelled action.

What are KTMMA Rules?

KTMMA rules sees the first round follow a strict standup formula. Wearing IO oz gloves the combatants kick, punch, knee, elbow, grab and throw but do not go to ground. Similarly, the clinch must be used to strike or throw, not to stand-up grapple, keeping the action flowing.

The second round follows MMA rules and a change of gloves to 40z MMA fingerless mitts and the return of knees to the head on the ground takes MMA back to a more ‘full’ and devastating rules set.

For the fighters the distinct rule set to each round makes KTMMA a physical chess match as a predominantly standup fighter will want to finish the fight in the first round, so as not to be taken to ground and possibly submitted in the second, whilst the Jui Jitsu fighter or submission wrestler will want to weather the storm in the first so that their skill-set can come to the fore in the second. OR will they have tricks up their sleeve that no-one could see coming?