Tim Izli | Director of KTMMA

Tim earned his credibility the hard way, literally; first as a World renowned Thai boxer and then as a universally respected coach, gym owner and fight promoter.

Tim IlziFew fight promoters can boast the pedigree, longevity or credibility that Tim Izli brings to the world of fightsports over a glittering and by his own admission rollercoaster career. Tim earned his credibility the hard way, literally; first as a World renowned Thai boxer and then as a universally respected coach, gym owner and fight promoter. During this whole time Tim has refused to compromise his ideals and his beliefs, namely to bring professional fightsports to a wider public including those that would be more accustomed to watching the ballet or opera. As a result his promotions have seen him stage shows at such venues as top London hotels and the prestigious Roundhouse, risks that he is constantly willing to take to drive the sport he loves forward.

Over the years this passion has seen Tim involved with numerous organisations and entrepreneurial individuals but he is now at a stage in his life where he feels he wants to be in total control of his career once more whilst working on something that would be bold, fresh and innovative within the fight arena. This desire has seen him amicably leave the high profile Urban Kings gym in Kings Cross and return to his roots with the famous Cobra gym that he founded over twenty years ago. At the same time Tim decided that he wanted to pioneer a new concept and build it from the ground up, a challenge to truly excite him as a promoter once more.

Initially Tim was looking at promoting K1 but with his finger consistently on the pulse, he realised the speed of the growth worldwide of MMA and decided to combine the two most popular and exciting formats into his very own brand. Alongside long-term close friend Kamran Mahdavi, who has an intense passion for combat sports, Tim developed KTMMA (Kick Thai Mixed Martial Arts).

As you’d expect from the title, the format combines the upright and the grappling arts into a fast-paced hybrid of both that takes no prisoners.

The first round follows stand-up rules, wearing 10oz gloves and the combatants kick, punch, knee, elbow, grab and throw but do not go to ground. Similarly, the clinch must be used to strike or throw, not to stand- up grapple, keeping the action fast and flowing.

The second round follows MMA rules and a change of gloves to 4oz MMA gloves replicates a motor racing pit stop whilst the return of knees to the head on the ground takes MMA back to a more “full” rules set.

It is an ambitious concept but it is here that all Tim’s experience comes into play as he has developed a network of contacts with real influence within the industry that has enabled him to put a team of people together that he has worked with and trusted over a period of years. Paul Hennessy is the KTMMA matchmaker and also working as part of the team behind the company. Paul has worked with such major companies as Glory and the UFC and is still involved with the ISKA. As a result he is an enormous asset to the company, as is pioneering MMA legend Lee Hasdell, another hugely experienced veteran working with the team, organising officials and rules. Lee has also been a fighter, trainer and promoter in the past and has earned massive respect in the MMA world.

With such quality within the organisation Tim believes he has built a rock solid team that is ready to make a genuine impact on the world of combat sports and November 16TH sees the launch of KTMMA and it promises to be a showcase of the unique fightsport brand that Tim will be promoting about 3 times a year.

The first three shows will be London based to establish KTMMA in the United Kingdom and then the plan is to eventually promote shows in Europe, the USA and Asia.

It's an ambitious plan but Tim Izli has always been an ambitious man with a clear vision of the way combat sports should be promoted in the twenty first century and this time around he's built a team that can truly deliver the goods on the world stage.